When Is My Child Ready For Potty Training for the Child Development?

Getting Your Child Ready For Potty Training

Potty training is one of the important steps of your child development. Some mothers decide to give potty training when the child is 2. However, you must be wondering, ‘when is my child ready for potty training?’ You will know that the age sometimes does not too work. Some signs of the readiness of your child will be seen when you aware. You should know the signs, moms. It will be the smoothest ways in changing the diapers into pot. So, what are the signs? Let see the explanation below.

There are about seven signs of readiness; the first, child starts like the independence and taking pride in accomplishments. Pay attention at their activities, moms; when he/she start to show some independence, your child might be ready for potty training. Second, you will see that your child has ‘dry periods’. It means your child shows some behavior that can make your child could hold urine and wake up in dry diapers. It is second sign that your child ready. His/her bladder control is a good sign of readiness.

Signs Of Child Being Ready For Potty Training

Thirdly, your child will no longer like wearing dirty diapers. Your child will not like the wet feeling from the diapers. The big poops will make your children not comfortable. They will feel that it is annoying her/him. ‘When is my child ready for potty training?’ will be answered by the forth sign. Your child will notice the other family members going potty. If you see that your child wonders and seeing you potty, it is a good sign to make your child know the process. Then, the fifth sign is the obvious sign; your child will tell you that he/she are going potty. Your child will say like ‘I want to pee’ or ‘I just peed, mom’. It is sign that your child know about the body function.

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The next sign is your child start to isolating his/herself when going to pee or poo. Your child will going to bathroom and shut the door, then pee or poo in diaper. Go train your child with potty training. The last sign of the training potty readiness is your child will try out the potty. It is really a good sign that your child is ready for the training. ‘When is my child ready for potty training?’ the all signs has been answered for you moms. Now, go see and pay more attention to your child behavior.