Tips of Potty Training a Stubborn Child

Potty Training a Stubborn Child 1

Potty Training a Stubborn Child – Your child is maybe so hard to learn the potty training; she or he is too stubborn to make it. What should you do mom? Do not think that your child will never do the potty training well. Now see the tips especially for you who have a stubborn child. You will feel that is not that hard train your stubborn child. Furthermore, your child will not to be a kid forever. So, here are the tips of potty training a stubborn child. Read it slowly and start to do it.

Do not start the potty training too early for a stubborn child; you have to be patient waiting the child readiness. Normally most children will be ready in potty training by 2 or 3. Then, they will fully train in 3 and 4. So, when your child will be ready? Look at the signs. Your child will tell you when his or her diaper is dirty; the child will not feel comfortable. The child able to control the poo and pee; therefore, the diaper will be dry all the night. Then, your child will interest in toilet and say to you when he or she wants to pee or poo. You will also see that your child become more independent. Those are the signs of your child readiness.

Potty Training a Stubborn Child

The potty training a stubborn child will take two or three months if it going well. However, if it is not, you have to be ready with your own patience and get ready for every accident. Before you want to do a potty training for your child, better if you prepare the entire potty training list. You should prepare the potty training set, the picture book of potty training, step stool, training pants, underpants, drink and wet doll, cartoon videos of potty training, and the last is the sweatpants or any other clothing that easy removed.

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The steps of potty training are you should pick the time with fully potty training like in winter holiday. Do not start it in busy days. Then, sit him/her on the potty for about 5 minutes or maybe more than that. Then, you should wear her or him underwear/clothes that are easy to on and off. Be patient with a lot of accidents, just clean it up. Make your child relax on the potty and give the child reward for successful potty training. And the last, continue wear the child diaper at night for a while. Potty training a stubborn child will need more patients from you, mom.