SurgiCare Cream Hair Remover Review

SurgiCare Cream Hair Remover

With an extensive line of hair-removal products, Surgi-Care skin care products are sold over the counter in retail stores around the world, available to every woman trying to stay beautiful on a budget. With more than 50 years of proven performance, Surgi-Care continues to produce the leading hair removal products on today’s market, providing complete customer satisfaction to millions of customers since 1957. Surgi-Care has established an impeccable reputation for removing unwanted hair quickly and painlessly and is among the most highly sought-after products in the beauty biz.

Surgi has always believed in offering clients a fully comprehensive system of hair removal and waxing products that produce instant but safe results, eliminating unwanted hair gently, effortlessly, and effectively. From the first skin care products sold by Surgi-Care in the 1950s to their most recent and revolutionary addition of the Maple Honey formula, Surgi values the importance of creating only the very best in hair removal systems.

Surgi-Cream was originally used by hospitals and doctors to remove unwanted hair prior to various types of surgeries. When it was first developed, shaving was a difficult and challenging task for medical professionals. Using Surgi-Cream was much easier, safer and more cost effective than a straight razor or even the old Gillette Blue Blade. Even today, Surgi-Cream is used in hospitals and emergency rooms all over the country. After gaining such a distinguished reputation within the medical community, Surgi-Cream transitioned to beauty salons and the beauty circuit, quickly becoming a trend, and, ultimately, an additional service provided by stylists or hairdressers.

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Now, Surgi is the number one selling facial hair removal cream in the United States. It does away with unsightly chin and moustache hair, ear and nose hair and hair in between the eyebrows. Amazingly, results last up to six weeks that means a month and a half without worrying about embarrassing facial hair. Plus, with continued use of Surgi-Care Facial Wax, hair will grow back sparser and finer, making personal maintenance easier with time.

Getting rid of unwanted facial hair with Surgi waxing products is simple. First, you heat the solution in the microwave, then you apply it directly to the area from which you want hair removed. After a set period of time as described in the instructions, gently but firmly pull away the wax and watch the hair go with it!

There are several different hair removal methods you can use with Surgi-Care. For example, you can use roll-on applicators, eyebrow shaping kits or wax strips. All Surgi hair removal face waxes use an extra-gentle depilatory formula for sensitive facial skin. This reduces redness, irritation and other unwanted skin reactions.

In addition facial hair removal cream, Surgi-Care’s extensive line offers numerous depilatory, wax and bleach formulas, which include body hair removal strips, and creams for the stomach, legs and bikini areas. Surgi-Care always caters to clients in need of excellent waxing options. If you need to remove unwanted hair, or you know someone who desperately needs to, choose Surgi-Care Face Wax and get the job done right!