Early Signs Of Ectopic Pregnancy

The meaning of Ectopic is out of place. When a fully fertilized egg is implants outside the Uterus is known as Ectopic pregnancy. Fertilization occurs on the outer part of the tube known as Ampulla. The embryo implants in fallopian tube instead of the uterus during ectopic pregnancy. The signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are quite similar to normal pregnancy. Vomiting, nausea, missed periods and frequent urination are signs of ectopic pregnancy. A lady can feel pain and vaginal bleeding occurs during ectopic pregnancy. The pain during ectopic pregnancy could be very sharp. A lady feels pain in the abdomen and pelvis during ectopic pregnancy. Lower back pain, low blood pressure and dizziness are normal symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. One can suffer from shoulder pain during ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is also referred as tubal pregnancy. Pain in lower abdomen is very common during ectopic pregnancy. There could be a severe internal bleeding during ectopic pregnancy. The internal bleeding is due to damaged fallopian tube.

A woman can feel cramps on the pelvis during ectopic pregnancy. A woman might feel pain during opening bowels. Vaginal bleeding during ectopic pregnancy is brown in colour. A lot of women tend to mix vaginal bleeding during pregnancy with the regular menstruation process. Faintness is a very common symptom during ectopic pregnancy.

Nausea is also a sign of Ectopic pregnancy. When one feels unease in the upper stomach and feels like vomiting is known as Nausea. You can miss your regular periods during ectopic pregnancy same as the normal pregnancy. The blood pressure of the body could go very low when there is excessive bleeding. 1 of every 200 normal pregnancies leads to ectopic pregnancy.

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A sign of early pregnancy could lead to ectopic pregnancy. Ladies suffering from ectopic pregnancy might find difficult to get pregnant again. Women who are already had fallopian surgeries in the past have a higher risk of getting ectopic pregnancy. Whenever a woman

Notices these symptoms in her body, she should consult a good doctor. Doctor can do a pelvic test to see the size of the uterus. These are the major signs and symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy.