Common Problem With Laser Hair Removal

A late night conversation with a friend three days ago led him to reveal that he had gone for laser hair removal for his chest and underarms. People these days are so insane that they go ahead for anything that promises them to look good and get laid. But what is the point. First of all, laser hair removal is extremely expensive. I mean they charge like 500$ for one session. Even if people want to remove unwanted hair, whatever happened to waxing or just shaving. And it is not even that you go once to the clinic, get a fancy frisk and end up hairless for the rest of your lives. You have to visit them periodically and pay money every time you go there. Secondly, even if you get laser hair removal done, you are not sexifying yourself. A lot of men out there have body hair and have absolutely no problem when it comes to women. A lot of them are even married.

As golden as laser hair removal seems from the outside, there are dangers associated with it as well. If you are a patient with tanned or just naturally dark skin, you may have some gross side effects. Since the impulses of light are absorbed by the dark color of melanin, you skin will absorb the light impulses instead of the hair and that will lead to gross ring shaped anomalies on your skin. This phenomenon is called ‘laser burn’ and is one of the most common problems associated with laser hair removal.

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Another common problem with laser hair removal is the reddening and swelling of affected areas for a few days after your treatment. Though doctors say that it is harmless, it is really uncomfortable and irritating. Ask someone who has gone through with it.

Common Problem Laser Hair Removal
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One more problem that you can have with laser hair removal is change in your skin color post laser hair removal. When the laser impulses are absorbed by your skin, they charge the skin into producing more melanin and thus darkening your color. Otherwise, they destroy the melanin producing components of the skin and you will end up with fairer skin. But this is totally unpredictable. Don’t consider laser hair removal an alternative for getting tanned. You may end up getting hairless and paler.

For those of you who think that laser hair removal is painless, it is really not. Well they call it ‘relatively’ painless but it is quite painful. Honestly, it is not as painful as waxing but then waxing is way cheaper than this. Again, laser hair removal has to be performed fewer times, but once again it is way to expensive to balance that.

In the end, if you have way too much money to throw away and have the strength to bear with the list of side effects that I just mentioned, no one is stopping you from going ahead with it. But I would ask you to think twice. It may appear to be an excellent option but it is truly not.