Pillars of Health and Wellness

Pillars of Health and Wellness

Nothing is more important than your health. We should all strive to obtain the best level of health possible. But how do we obtain this superior health? By following the ultimate health plan. Health and Beauty Elite have put together, in our opinion, what we consider to be the pillars of health. A plan that will ultimately enable you to be in the best condition, to be the healthiest you can be and to give you the best chance to help your body to fight off disease and sickness or to prevent you from getting there in the first place. We are not claiming that this information will cure any particular health problem or prevent it, but we do believe it may help. Nothing should replace the advice of your doctor if you become ill. Read the following information and come to your own conclusions. Within the information below you will find links to more detailed information on that particular element of the plan. Some of these pages will have links to additional information on those topics too. There is much to absorb so make sure you bookmark this site so you may gradually work through all the information at your own pace and so you may come back and refer to the information as and when you need to. We may also be adding additional sections from time to time.

We strive to provide accurate information based on our opinions, but that is all they are, our opinions based on our research. New research is always throwing up this is good, now it’s bad and vice versa. You will also always find conflicting opinions on certain topics of health and nutrition. Ultimately, it is up to you to do your own due diligence on any information you read here or elsewhere and make your own informed decisions on matters of your own health.

Nutrition and Supplementation

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food ” – Hippocrates

It is not uncommon to turn to supplements as an easier way to obtain any nutrients we lack in our diets. It is far better to obtain everything our body needs from natural, organic (and sometimes raw) food sources wherever possible, as this is the way nature intended for us to get our nutrition. The problem with the majority of the off the shelf supplements is they are made from synthetic ingredients to keep the cost down. These ingredients are usually not natural to our body and will likely be treated as a foreign substance. If there is a need to obtain something from a supplement then always try to obtain that nutrient in its most natural form as opposed to a synthetically simulated form. Furthermore, you should always consult with a doctor prior to taking any form of supplementation to ensure it is right for you and your specific needs. Also play close attention to not exceeding recommended daily allowances.

We are all familiar with the importance of getting our daily recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables but what does that mean? Essentially, this boils down to getting all the vital nutrients our body needs to be healthy and function properly. The primary essential nutrients our body needs are vitamins and minerals (see below) along with other nutrients for complete nutrition.

Ultimately, it is the foods we consume on a daily basis, our diet, that will fuel us and provide us with most of what we need to function optimally. Our diet is the foundation of our health and so we should make sure we eat as healthy a diet as possible.


A very good place to start is water. The single most important nutritional requirement for our body. It is an important transporter of nutrients, it is a protector, it regulates our body’s pH, balances our electrolytes and regulates our body temperature. Only a small drop in our body water content will have an effect on our system. Click HERE to read more about the importance of water.

Importance of Minerals

We know we need to eat a balanced, healthy diet to obtain all the necessary nutrients important to our health. Many people think of vitamins when they think of obtaining essential nutrients. Vitamins are indeed vitally important, but many people underestimate the importance of minerals and if your body lacks minerals you are wasting your time taking vitamins anyway – Dr Gary Price Todd M.D. states “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals”. There are 13 recognised essential vitamins we need for good health. However, there are thought to be around 60 minerals and trace minerals our body needs in order for it to function properly and to help prevent disease.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” – Dr Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winner).

Get your free minerals report HERE. Click HERE to read more about the importance of minerals and how you can ensure your body doesn’t go short of these vital nutrients.

Importance of Vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds essential to our development, normal growth (facilitating reactions that allow us to produce muscles, skin and bones) and overall health and maintenance of our cells, organs and tissues. Our body is capable of synthesising some vitamins and others we need to obtain from our diet. They perform numerous functions within our body. Without them, we leave ourselves susceptible to any number of deficiency diseases and potential permanent damage may result. Some vitamins have a hormone type function, some function as an antioxidant, some are enzyme precursors, some are catalysts, some help with energy production and the list goes on and on. If we do not supply our body with all the vitamins it needs, then our health will eventually pay the price. Click HERE to read more about the importance of vitamins and some of the roles each one plays.

Additional Beneficial Nutrient Enriched Foods and Nutrients

Additional Beneficial Nutrient Enriched Foods and Nutrients

In addition to the essential nutrients our body requires, we may also derive much benefit from other foods, sometimes referred to as “super foods”, to further boost the number of beneficial nutrients our body receives. The combination of these nutrient dense super foods can have a very powerful synergistic, health promoting and rejuvenating effect on our body. Below is an outline of some of the main benefits of these foods. However, the extent of their ability to enhance our health goes way beyond the overviews given below, so it is well worth doing your own due diligence to find out more about the amazing offerings that can be derived from these foods.

Chlorella & Spirulina – Algae’s rich in the health enhancing green pigment Chlorophyll. A slight lean towards Chlorella if you had to pick between the two due to its ability to help in the removal of heavy metals from the body. Chlorella and spirulina are exceptionally nutrient dense foods containing a rich supply of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids (building blocks of protein), and a number of other health promoting functional nutrients. The abundance of rejuvenating nucleic acids contained in chlorella and spirulina help to regulate the bodies aging process. They help to keep our skin looking young and wrinkle free.

Moringa – The leaves of the moringa oleifera are believed to be highly beneficial to our health offering cell rejuvenating properties and retarding abnormal cell growth. It has around 90 essential nutrients. One of these nutrients, called zeatin, is of particular interest. The leaves of the moringa are very rich in this nutrient. Zeatin is a powerful youth preserving nutrient. Zeatin is able to delay cell aging as well as regulate growth and cell division. Zeatin has a number of anti aging effects on our body and skin. New skin cells will be able to grow faster than the older skin cells die. This can help to give a more youthful appearance to the skin as well as an improvement to the feel and look of wrinkles. Other compounds contained in moringa leaves have been found to regulate or retard the growth of abnormal cells. Used and regarded highly by many cultures for its medicinal properties for treating a number of varying ailments.

Maca – A root vegetable found in Peru with a multitude of health benefits. A true adaptogen (helps our body to naturally regulate itself in an adaptive way to particular stresses put on it, which results in an improved immune system). Maca is abundant in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytonutrients and carbohydrates. It is thought to help increase energy and stamina, promotes reproductive health, mental clarity, increased resistance to stress and stress related conditions and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It can help to keep the blood well oxygenated. It supports the production of neurotransmitters, balances and nourishes endocrine health as well as supporting the adrenal glands (which produce essential hormones) and enhances libido.

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Cacao – Derived from cacao seeds. An ingredient of chocolate (not to be confused with actual chocolate, which contains many unhealthy ingredients). Cacao has an array of health benefits and is considered to be a premium food to aid longevity. It supports blood flow to the brain, which helps to improve brain function. Cacao has also been linked with helping to lower blood pressure and reducing the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Cacao contains a number of important vitamins and minerals, but is a particularly rich source of magnesium (magnesium is essential for bone health, regulating blood pressure and heartbeat. It also helps balance our brain chemistry. Read more about the importance of magnesium HERE). Cacao is also very rich in powerful antioxidant flavonoids (studies suggest flavonoids may help reduce the chances of suffering from cancer and some brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease) and sulfur (read more about the importance of sulfur HERE). Specific compounds contained in the cacao bean are thought to aid weight loss and also improve our mood (by raising serotonin and endorphin levels in our brain), making us feel good and promoting our sense of well being.

Wheatgrass – The leaves of the young grass, known as triticum aestivum, can be juiced or a powder can be produced. The result is a natural, highly nutritious food that has a powerhouse of health benefits and an abundance of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. It is a very potent blood cleanser, which means it promotes healthy aging and aids the rejuvenation of our cells (regulates cell growth). Wheatgrass is rich in the pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophylls chemical composition is almost identical to human blood, so this makes it a great blood builder. Wheatgrass can help prevent skin from becoming saggy and loose and so helps keep us looking younger for longer. Wheatgrass is also an extremely powerful detoxifier and will provide protection to our liver and to our blood and will aid the neutralisation of many harmful, toxic substances that our bodies are constantly being bombarded with.

Camu Camu – Camu camu is a berry with a particularly high concentration of vitamin C (no other botanical source can compete) and vitamin C has numerous health benefits associated with it (read more about the importance of vitamin C HERE). Additionally, it also offers a rich supply of a number of potent phytochemicals and antioxidants, which combine to offer great benefits to our health. This broad spectrum of nutrients can offer support to many of the organs of our body, such as our brain, heart, liver, lungs respiratory functioning and our eyesight. Camu camu can help to regulate soreness and strengthen ligaments and tendons and promotes healthier skin, hair and nails.

Acai – Acai is another berry which contains a particularly rich, abundant supply of antioxidants, giving it an extremely high ORAC value (this refers to a foods antioxidant protection capacity and stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity”. The higher the value, the better the ability that food has to neutralise harmful free radicals). Anthocyanins (contained in high concentrations in acai) are from the polyphenol group of antioxidants and have a very potent antioxidant value which supports healthy aging. Acai is also a rich supply of dietary fibre and healthy fats. Our cardiovascular and digestive health are supported from the supply of phytosterols contained in the acai. There is evidence that phytosterols also aid weight loss. You will also find a rich supply of essential fatty acids and amino acids in the acai. The synergistic effect of these nutrients help acai promote graceful aging, a strong immune system, an improved cardiovascular functioning, regulated cholesterol levels, improved vision, body detoxification and the ability to get a good night’s sleep naturally.

Goji Berries – Another berry, also known as the wolfberry, are reputedly the most nutritionally dense fruit. A widely used ingredient in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines for thousands of years. They offer rich supplies of amino acids, fatty acids, phytonutrients, protein, carotenoids, fibre, vitamins (particularly rich in vitamin C) and many important trace minerals. Goji berries display anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. The effect of the antioxidants and polysaccharides will have an immune boosting effect on your body. Some of the nutrients contained in the goji berry will support eye health and the nervous system. The goji berry contains sesquiterpenoids and other ingredients, which stimulates the secretion of the beneficial human growth hormone. The synergistic effect of the nutrients in the goji berry will positively affect the endocrine glands and overall health to aid the bodies performance in many ways.

Hemp Seeds – Hemp seeds contain many beneficial nutrients for our health. They are high in very digestible, simple proteins (including 20 amino acids, which comprises of all of the essential amino acids that can’t be manufactured by our body. Also used for the manufacture of proteins from the globular family of proteins – globulins, which help to strengthen the immune system), fibre, vitamins, a number of trace minerals, phytonutrients (help protect us from disease and supports our immune system, tissues, cells and organs of our body), antioxidants, sterols and a rich supply of essential fatty acids. The fatty acid ratio of omega 6 to 3 fats is in an ideal, balanced ratio of 3:1, which has tremendous health benefits to our cardiovascular and immune system and can reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood (helping to maintain a healthy heart which leads to a reduced chance of plaque building up in the arteries that can lead to strokes and heart attacks). Fatty acids are also found in our brains, so hemp seeds help to promote healthy brain functioning with a reduced chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The omega 6 found in hemp is called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a particularly beneficial fatty acid. It is great for weight loss as GLA promotes a healthy metabolism that aids fat burning. It is good for our skin, hair and nails. It also has anti inflammatory properties.

Bee Pollen – Bee pollen is brought to us by nature and is the product of honey bees made for the younger bees. It is regarded as one of the most natural, nutritionally complete foods you will find. It provides virtually every nutrient required by the human body. Bee pollen has particularly high amounts of amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and nucleics (DNA and RNA). The rich supply of proteins, carbohydrate and B vitamins make bee pollen a great energy provider and will help to improve your stamina and reduce the feelings of fatigue. It has been linked with being beneficial to the composition of our blood (boosting red and white blood cell count). Bee pollen provides a number of antioxidants with anti inflammatory properties, making it effective against respiratory conditions (such as asthma). For those people who suffer from allergies, bee pollen may be beneficial due to the presence of pollen. When pollen is consumed it can hinder the buildup of histamine, which can make it effective in reducing the chances of symptomatic responses to a range of allergies and respiratory disease. Our digestion will benefit from the enzymes contained in bee pollen, which will make it easier for us to extract the nutrients contained in the foods we eat. Bee pollen helps to support our immune system due to its antibiotic effects (inhibiting the development of a number of harmful types of bacteria), the antioxidants found in it and the positive effect it has on our intestinal flora. One noteworthy antioxidant bioflavonoid found in abundance in bee pollen is rutin. Rutin helps to strengthen our capillaries, our blood vessels and assists normalising our cholesterol levels. Additionally, it also possesses anti clotting properties, which all makes rutin beneficial for the general health of the cardiovascular system, reducing the chances of a heart attack and the possibility of having a stroke. Studies have also shown bee pollen may possess the ability to support the body in fighting cancer. The list of benefits goes on when it comes to bee pollen, you could probably write a book on it.

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Essential Fatty Acids – The human body needs essential fatty acids (EFA’s. Fats our body cannot produce itself, so must be ingested) for all the systems of our body to operate normally and for general good health. The main EFA’s are omega-6 and omega-3. Every tissue of our body requires fatty acids in order to help them function properly. Our immune system, brain development and regulation of our blood pressure are all aided by EFA’s. As well as making sure your body gets enough EFA’s, you also need to make sure you get them in the correct ratios too (otherwise they may hinder one another, meaning you don’t obtain the full health benefits). The ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 being between 1:1 and 5:1 (as a rule of thumb a 2:1 ratio works well). Without them you leave yourself open to a number of different disorders that can affect the organs of your body, your immune system and your mental condition to name but a few. If you ensure you consume adequate levels of EFA’s then you can expect to gain the many benefits associated with them. EFA’s have been shown to help prevent conditions like atherosclerosis, heart disease, strokes, symptoms of ulcerative colitis and pains associated with the menstrual cycle and joint pain. EFA’s have been linked with being effective in lowering the risk of contracting breast cancer. Omega-6 fatty acid is considered to posses disease fighting abilities and has anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fatty acid plays a role in cell wall formation and our circulation (oxygen uptake). Your EFA’s should ideally not be obtained from vegetable oils which have been highly heated or processed (this process also results in the formation of undesirable trans fats) or genetically engineered (this process results in the formation of harmful herbicides and antigens). You should always try and obtain your EFA’s from plant and animal derived sources (fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel. However, many fish sources can be contaminated with high levels PCB’s and mercury so be cautious with your fish choices). For best results look to sources such as krill oil (safest and most beneficial fish oil. Also high in the antioxidant astaxanthin), flax oil, hemp oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, lecithin, coconut oil, avocados and raw nuts and seeds (flax, chia, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, almonds, sesame, walnuts).

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

MSM will provide our body with an active form of organic sulfur and the numerous health benefits associated with it. An often overlooked mineral yet every cell in our body needs sulfur to have a chance to function optimally. Sulfur is an important antioxidant which aids the health of connective tissue, our skin, helps cell permeability, aids metabolic processes and helps with detoxification.

Things to Avoid

As well as getting good nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to avoid the things which are bad for us.


Smoking. One of the worst things you can do for your health. Tobacco contains around 4,000 chemicals, of which, 69 of these chemicals are carcinogenic (cause cancer). A shocking 50% of smokers will die as a result of a smoking related disease. Smoking is detrimental to your circulation, heart, stomach, skin, brain, lungs, mouth, throat, reproductive system and bones. There are not many parts of the body that will not be adversely effected from smoking.


Any amount of alcohol is not good for you. If you must drink, then do so very sparingly. The more you drink, then the more you expose yourself to developing problems such as various cancers, liver problems, high blood pressure, reduced fertility and a higher risk of having a heart attack. The level of risk is directly proportional to the amount you consume.


We are not talking about prescription drugs, but recreational drugs. Drug abuse can affect your body in many ways from a temporary mild effect right up to causing death. Depending on the actual drug in question, you can expect to see problems such as mental health and brain issues, lung diseases, reduced fertility, overstimulation of the nervous system and heart (potential for a heart attack), raised blood pressure, insomnia, harm to unborn child, fits, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, dehydration and the list goes on. And, of course, many drugs lead to addiction that can spiral out of control that may cause undesirable behaviour so that the addiction can be fuelled.

Beware of Harmful Ingredients in Everyday Personal Care Products

Sadly, we are unaware of the potentially harmful ingredients we use daily in our everyday personal care products. Most of these products, such as antiperspirants, shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes and other everyday toiletries may be doing us harm and contain toxic chemicals which can affect our reproductive health, cause hormonal imbalances and even links to cancer. Manufactured to a price and to give the feel good factor rather than be safe and effective. Below is a list of what we consider to be harmful ingredients. These are just a few of the common offenders along with a brief outline of some of the possible harmful effects, but do be aware there are too many to list here. It is worth your while to look into all the ingredients found in all the products you use on a daily basis and consider sourcing safer alternatives if you discover anything that may potentially be compromising to your health. There are many health shops and online retailers which stock safer alternative personal care products to the harmful brands found in most of the major high street retailers and supermarkets. If you see a list of ingredients that look complex then the chances are they are not safe. Remember, your skin is an organ and anything you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body, allowing harmful chemicals into your system. It may shock many people to know that the FDA has no requirement for companies to test personal care products for safety!

Hazard Scoring Level: 1 = Low hazard, 2 = Moderate hazard, 3 = High hazard.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate | Sodium Laureth Sulfate | Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a 1, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate are both 2’s on the hazard score level. They are surfactant cleansing agents used mainly as foamers, emulsifiers and denaturants that are commonly found in shampoos and many other hair treatments, liquid soaps and body washes/cleansers, toothpaste, bath products and makeup’s to name but a few. These chemicals have been linked to causing eye and skin irritation, organ toxicity, endocrine disruption, reproductive/developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, biochemical/cellular changes as well as mutations and cancers.

Parabens (Methyl Paraben | Propyl Paraben | Ethyle Paraben | Isobutyl Paraben): Methyl Paraben and Ethyle Paraben score 2 while Propyl Paraben and Isobutyl Paraben both score a 3 on the hazard score level. They are commonly used in shampoos and conditioners, antiperspirants and deodorants, makeup’s and numerous beauty creams and lotions. These chemicals are powerful endocrine disruptors. It is believed that parabens mimic estrogen (a hormone) and can promote breast tumour growth.

Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is a 2 on the hazard score level. Commonly used as a conditioning agent. You will commonly find propylene glycol in shampoos, moisturisers and in fragranced oils. It has been associated with liver and kidney problems. It may play a role in inhibiting cell growth. It is considered to be an irritant and may cause allergic contact dermatitis.

1,4-Dioxane: 1,4-Dioxane is a 3 on the hazard score level. It is commonly used in shampoos, body washes/cleansers and creams and lotions. A harmful by-product of ethylene oxide and considered to be mutagenic and carcinogenic. It is toxic to the kidneys, a neurotoxicant, a ground water contaminant and a respiratory toxicant. Products that have ethoxylation indications should be avoided. These include any ingredients with “eth” (such as myreth, laureth, oleth and ceteareth), PEG, Oxynol, Polyethylene glycol and polyoxyethylene.

Phthalates (Diethylhexyl Phthalate | Dimethyl Phthalate | Dibutyl Phthalate | Diethyl Phthalate): Diethylhexyl Phthalate and Dibutyl Phthalatescore score a 3 while Dimethyl Phthalate and Diethyl Phthalate both score a 2 on the hazard score level. Phthalates can commonly be found in shampoos, hair spray, nail polish (and nail polish remover), lipsticks and perfumes. Phthalates have been linked with birth defects in boys, liver cancer, reduced sperm motility and testicular atrophy/abnormality.

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT): MIT scores a 2 on the hazard score level. It is commonly found in shampoos and is thought to have a detrimental effect on the nervous system and brain. Also considered cytotoxic and allergenic.

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Toluene: Toluene scores a 3 on the hazard score level. It is commonly found in synthetic fragrances and nail polish. It can cause nausea, impair breathing and is also a neurotoxicant which acts as an irritant. Overexposure may result in anemia, kidney/liver damage, reduced blood cell count and problems with foetal development. There are also links with immune system toxicity and cancers of the blood (such as malignant lymphoma).

Triclosan: Triclosan scores a 3 on the hazard score level. It is commonly found in deodorants, toothpastes, cosmetics, antibacterial soaps and body washes/cleansers. It has been linked to heart failure/disease, may alter hormone regulation and it may also impair the functioning and contractility of skeletal muscles.

Safer Alternative Ingredients

Look for personal care products that use alternative ingredients to these harsh ones. Products which use naturally derived ingredients and oils like coconut oil, emu oil and oregano oil are always best. You may even want to try making some of your own personal care products. Just to get you started you can try out the recipe below for an effective alternative deodorant made with safer ingredients.

Alternative deodorant recipe:

Ingredients – Coconut Oil [3 parts], Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) [3 parts], Shea Butter [2 parts] and Arrowroot [2 parts]. You may also want to add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree or lavender oil.

Melt both the coconut oil and shea butter together on a low heat (best to melt in a jar placed in a pan of hot water to avoid the need to clean oils from pan). Once melted, remove from heat and add the rest of the ingredients, mix well then place in container of choice. Depending on the climate, it may be solid or liquid at room temperature. When liquid you may experience some separation of ingredients.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings (silver fillings) are comprised of approximately 50% mercury alongside silver, copper and tin. They represent easy profits for the dental industry. Mercury is a toxic and poisonous metal in any form. It is THE most toxic metal for your body. It is a strong neurotoxin, which can result in neurological issues, mental disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other chronic illnesses and diseases. It can affect vision, speech and hearing. It can cause damage to your brain, lungs and kidneys. But it is solid and in my mouth so it’s safe right? Wrong! Studies suggest that if you have amalgam fillings in your mouth, then mercury vapour will be coming off your fillings every time to chew and entering your body to slowly poison you. It is this slow poisoning effect that can often mask the fact that the mercury in your fillings may be the cause or contributing to any potential illnesses you are suffering from or the way you are feeling. You would be ill advised to allow your dentist to fill any cavities with an amalgam filling. Furthermore, if you already have amalgam fillings, then it would be beneficial to have them replaced with a composite that does not contain mercury. However, the replacement of amalgam fillings should only be carried out by a specialist who is experienced, competent and well conversant in carrying out the procedure in a safe manner otherwise you’ll be at risk of exposing yourself to significantly high doses of mercury vapour if they don’t know what they are doing whilst removing them.

Immune Health

Immune Health

The health of our immune system is, without question, one of the most important factors which keeps us alive. It is what protects us from disease, pathogens, viruses, toxins and foreign substances. Our body is bombarded with all these hostile invaders every minute of every day. If our immune system did not do its job or if it becomes compromised, then there is only one outcome – sickness or death! A good diet that is abundant in essential nutrients will provide us with much of what we need to keep our immune system strong and healthy. There is, however, one substance which stands out among other nutrients in delivering the immune system its most desired nutrient to help keep it functioning at its best. Glutathione. Glutathione cannot be underestimated in its capacity to fuel the health of our immune systems. Click HERE to read more about the importance of the immune system and the role glutathione plays in maintaining our health’s most valued commodity.

Other Important things for your Health

Importance of Exercise

Proper nutrition and exercise go hand in hand towards the foundation of good health. Exercise provides much more than helping you to become fit and to control your weight. Exercise will help reduce the chances of suffering from many different types of diseases. It will help you mentally and it will improve your overall quality of life. Click HERE to read more about the importance of exercise and the potential benefits you can experience when you follow a safe, regular exercise regime. You will also find details on a specific way to exercise to gain maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Importance of Sleep

Most of us have experienced the aftereffects of a brief or bad night’s sleep. As an occasional occurrence, it is of small consequence, but if this occurs night after night, then it will eventually take its toll on your health. Sleep plays a vital role in our health and well being. It is needed to safeguard our mental health, our physical health, our safety and our general quality of life, allowing us to function properly throughout the day. When we sleep our brain is getting ready for the up and coming day. It also builds new pathways, which help us to learn and remember. Without sleep brain activity is impaired, which affects behaviour and emotions to name but a few. Whilst we sleep our body undergoes repair and healing from damage caused throughout the day’s activities. The health of our blood vessels and our heart are also restored mainly during our sleep time. Sleep helps to keep some of our hormones in balance (such as those which affects our appetite). Growth and development are supported. Sleep supports a healthy immune system (supporting the activity of the bodies killer cells). You may find fighting infections will be harder for your body if you are sleep deprived. Lack of sleep may have repercussions on our metabolism and, consequently, lead to problems with weight. Without enough sleep your cardiovascular health may be at risk, which can result in hypertension, irregular heartbeats and raised levels of stress hormones. Without enough sleep you can become irritable, find it difficult to concentrate and it can cause you to become tired enough to experience micro sleeps. Micro sleeps that occur at the wrong time (like when driving or operating machinery) can result in fatal outcomes. Make sure you allow yourself enough sleep, that is right for you, each and every night.

Brain Health

There are many benefits to be had by keeping our brains in tip top condition. These can impact on our daily lives in a profound way. By training our brains, we can experience self development that leads to reduced stress (a modern illness that is common place in today’s society and has the potential to ruin lives. With a catalogue of conditions and health issues associated with it, some of which can be fatal), control of our emotions, better memory, sharper thinking, more energy, better quality of sleep (so less is required), more brain power, an all round better quality of life and more. Learn more about an advanced technology which allows you to reap all these benefits with a sophisticated brain entrainment technology that helps your brain to achieve peak performance. Click HERE now for more information and to receive a free demo of this amazing system to try.

Final Word

So much more can be written on the topic of health. This is just a short summary of some actions, lifestyle changes and dietary choices you can make to give you the opportunity to enjoy a more superior level of health. It is vitally important that our bodies receive a full spectrum of nutrients and actions to have a chance of functioning properly and to help us remain disease free so by implementing as many of these principles as possible you increase your chances of remaining in peak health.