A Psychic Journal – The Perfect Psychic Development Tool

A Psychic Journal - The Perfect Psychic Development Tool

As a natural psychic being, you are drawn to be one with the powers of the universe. To do so would mean living your life to the fullest and taking in all that life has to offer – all the joys, values, and all the beautiful things around you. In you lies your psychic nature which connects you to the universe.

This is what your nature is telling you to do. Your inner nature – your inner self – is shining with love, joy, and wisdom. Your psychic nature allows you to be aware of and to access the presence of this inner self. It is the awareness of and unity with this inner, higher self, which will guide you though your journey in this life.

As you go through life, you will sometimes need to choose a path. Signposts are present to give you a better picture of what to expect from each option that you have. These signposts may be in the form of advice from a parent, a mentor, or an elder. It may come in the form of a situation which another person is going through. These signposts can provide you with guidance when making choices.

However, you will fail to recognize them if you are not in touch with your inner self. Because most people see themselves as apart from things around them, they fail to see their nature as part of them. So, it is important that you see your nature and connect with your inner self, because in the end, the decision lies within you. The signposts are merely guides. It is still your psychic self which will “feel” the right path among your many options.

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One way to ensure your constant connection with your inner self is for you to start a psychic journal. Representing aspects of your self, this journal serves as your tool whenever you need to store information, obtain knowledge, or find clues and answers. Sometimes, you do not realize you have the solution to a problem until you have written them down and are looking at them!

You might wonder what to write in a journal. Your psychic journal can be your personal record and thought keeper for the following:

1. Notes on Your Psychic Readings

Notes on Your Psychic Readings
Image Credit: Astrologermrizo.com

For every psychic reading that you get, make notes on the important advice given to you, details of what to expect from the future, and other things that will be helpful to you. Mark items which should be prioritized or done right away.

2. Progress of Your Psychic Ability

Progress of Your Psychic Ability
Image Credit: Sincitypsychics.com

Take note of everything that goes through your mind as you work toward the advancement of your psychic ability – these could hold valuable lessons for you at a later stage or even as you are writing them! Remember that everything coming from you has its own value and importance, so do not take anything for granted.

3. Psychic Achievements

Psychic Achievements
Image Credit: Fortunetellingplus.com

As you practice on various exercises and techniques for your psychic development, you will sometimes surprise yourself how far you’ve come and how much you have improved. Highlight these occasions in your journal. These can serve as inspiration and encouragement for you during more challenging times.

4. Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters
Image Credit: Designmynight.com

Everything that contributes to your psychic growth and development may be included in your journal. Having an unusual psychic experience, running into a famous psychic, or a charged object, are only a few of the many possible topics you can write about.

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5. Psychic Thoughts

Psychic Thoughts
Image Credit: Powerofpositivity.com

Anything that comes to your mind holds a treasure of learning in it. Whether a thought causes you to feel joy or panic, it still brings you wisdom. Sometimes, behind an anxious thought lies a solution for you to find inner peace. Write down everything!

Keeping track of all these things provides you a rich reference for the future. By keeping a psychic journal, an aspect of the self that needs recognition may be discovered. Pieces of a puzzle accumulated through time may show you the finished picture when you least expect it. Patterns from the past may surface in the present, leaving you with the key to deal with the future.

While your journal may seem like pages and pages of entries which you will have to sift through whenever you need to remember something, know that it is also similar to the unfolding of a map – your map to the future. You will find that the signposts have been there all along, guided by your inner psychic.