Some Guides for Online Safety Rules for Kids

Safety Rules For Kids At School

We are living in the era where technology is growing rapidly. As parents, we should understand the two-sided of technology that we cannot ignore. It is true that technology is the good things when it used for good. But, when it is not parents will create their own nightmare for their kids. One of the products of technology is internet. So that, it is recommended for parents to apply internet safety rules for kids in order to avoid unwanted situation.

Our kids are fragile. They can easily be influenced by people they met even online. Hence, give them some regulations or rules will never hurt them. So that, parents can protect their kids from something like sexual abuse, kidnapping, and many more. Since, there is no such total privacy in internet.

Here are some guidelines for parents to determine when making online safety rules for kids. You need to tell your kids about what should be shared and what should not. Parents must tell their kids to never and ever share their private information for some people.

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The private information including addresses, phone number, school and age cannot be shared. Since someone can manipulate those, say also to your kids to do not open email or send picture to unknown people. To make the rules can be done by your kids, here some tips.

First, place the computer in the place where you can observe your kids’ online activity so that you can figure it out when such mean and creepy things happens to your kids or to just make sure that your kids only log in such place which appropriate to their age. Second, give them time limitation for using it (you can discuss it with your kids).

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Third, give proper reward and punishment to them when they obey or disobey the rules. Lastly to make this online safety rules for kids work for kids you need also to consider about your attitude toward internet.