The Importance of Mineral Supplementation

The Importance of Mineral Supplementation

DON’T underestimate the importance of Mineral Supplements

It is probably true that the vast majority of people have no idea of how vitally important mineral supplements are to the human body. A common supplement yet grossly underestimated in its importance to the body and the need for it to come from a quality source. It is likely you are deficient in minerals and this fact will mean you may be at risk of numerous degenerative diseases and debilitating ailments the longer you continue in this mineral deficient state.

There are vast quantities of other supplements on the market, which all have their place, but minerals are, in our opinion, one of the single most important supplements your body NEEDS, above all other supplements, to help maintain a healthy disease free body as so many things in our bodies are dependent on minerals. There are thousands of biological processes that occur in the human body which trace minerals are essential for. If the minerals aren’t there then that process can’t happen which can lead to degeneration.

 “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” – Dr Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winner)

Think you are in good health and don’t need minerals? Click on the play button to be amazed by the audio presented by Dr Bender, who talks about REAL disease prevention. I urge you as a matter of importance to take the time out to listen to this very shocking yet informative audio by a respected Doctor who has taken the time to extensively research what he believes is the true key to disease prevention. I challenge you to listen to this and say minerals are not vitally important to your health.

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The body is a complex thing and some believe the body needs about 60 minerals to function properly and to help stave off degenerative diseases, regardless of whether you are currently eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. You may think eating more plant material would be sufficient to get all your essential mineral requirements but, in actual fact, even if you consume your foods from the best organic sources, the best you can typically expect is around 18 plant minerals. In the most part this is due to excessive farming, which has occurred over the last 80 years and results in the minerals no longer being present in the soil, which means they are no longer present in the plant and, consequently, no longer present in YOU.

Mineral supplements need to be absorbable by the body

Put simply, you are wasting your time and money taking anything other than minerals which your body is able to absorb.

One of natures most important organic substances for all life on earth is fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is natures way of breaking down minerals into tiny, ionic particles. In this form they are small enough to be absorbed by the roots of plants. Fulvic acid makes it possible for plants to get the important nutrients they need from the soil so they can carry out all the important functions required to thrive. Without fulvic acid plants would not be able to survive. When fulvic acid is used within a mineral based supplement it will perform the same task of making the minerals highly digestible and bioavailable to our body and, therefore, greatly improving absorption of the available minerals. Fulvic acid additionally supports the healthy functioning of every system of our body and is also a powerful antioxidant.

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Regrettably this is not the case with the vast majority of other mineral supplements, which almost exclusively contain metallic minerals.

  • Metallic minerals tend to be too large for the body to cope with, which consequently will inhibit the body’s ability to properly digest them.
  • Metallic minerals are hydrophobic (will NOT interact with water, which again inhibits the body’s ability to properly digest them).
  • Metallica minerals are used by most manufacturers as they are much cheaper to obtain which makes for a bigger profit margin at the expense of the consumers health who ends up getting a substandard supplement.
  • Metallic minerals are NOT what your body craves for optimum health.

Don’t waste your time taking substandard mineral supplements

Don’t waste your time taking substandard mineral supplements

You should insist on the best supplements for your body to get the best results for your health. The vast majority of mineral supplements available on the market today rarely contain more than about 10 minerals (and these are likely to be substandard metallic minerals). Furthermore, many of these manufacturers will be unlikely to do the research required to produce a product which will provide the body with the required concentrations of ALL the trace minerals the body needs in a usable form.

If you remember earlier we said the body requires around SIXTY minerals to function properly!

So how do you get all the essential minerals the body requires from a quality absorbable source?

A unique product exists which contains 74 essential minerals the body needs to sustain a variety of important biological functions.

If this supplement only provided minerals in a bioavailable form then that on its own makes this product invaluable to your health. However, this only scratches the surface of what this megatonic provides for your body. This is arguably the most powerful liquiceutical ever developed. No other product has come close in what this synergistically blended product provides. Don’t give too much weight to the orac value or claims of this antioxidant is the best or most powerful. Unless you get ALL the different categories of free radicals which attack your body then they will get you. The key is in neutralising all the free radicals which are constantly attacking your body. This product contains an incredible 40 broad-spectrum antioxidants which addresses the thousands of categories of oxidative stress in the human body. You also get a potent blend of multivitamins and phytonutrients which are all powered by organic fulvic acid.

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Health and supplements go hand in hand. Why do we insure our properties and possessions against loss or damage yet we are so complacent with our own health? Help insure yours and your family’s health against the potential numerous health problems linked to mineral deficiencies with a unique, premium quality mineral supplement. As with taking any type of dietary supplementation, regardless of how natural it is, you should always seek the advice of your doctor before doing so as every individual is different and specific individual circumstances may need to be taken into consideration to do so safely.

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