The Makeup Items Every Woman Needs To Add To Her Kit

The Makeup Items Every Woman Needs To Add To Her Kit

Every girl has her own cosmetic needs. Girls would always have looking good on their priorities, hence the need for instant appearance boosters like makeups. Some girls would like to keep these needs to the bare minimum while others would want to keep a handful ready for any occasion. You’d be surprised that despite these differences, there are a lot of common things to be found inside makeup kits for girls. If you are just starting out with your own makeup kit, here are some of the things you should consider a ‘must have’.

1. Foundation

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This is the very tool that will set your face for makeup. It will help your skin look smooth and flawless. With this, you’d be able to get rid of uneven skin tone and dark spots. This is very essential to every woman’s makeup kit because without them, the oil in your face will be unstoppable in ruining your looks.

2. Blush

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A blush makeup can be counted on for giving your skin additional colors. It can make your face look healthy and lively. This is generally ideal for girls with pale complexion as it can add a bit of live shade to your skin. However, this could also be used by girls of all skin type. However, it is crucial for you to find something that complements your skin tone. For fair skinned ladies, it is advisable to use a reddish or pinkish blush to highlight your complexion. On the other hand, tanned or dark skinned ladies should go for orange or bronze-type blush that will blend well with their skin tone.

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3. Lipstick

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This is an indispensable item in makeup kits for boys and girls. Lips are one of the most dominant parts of the face and surely, girls would love to enhance them. Lipsticks, regardless of the shade can instantly give you that “made up” look. You can also use gloss alongside lipsticks for that elegant glow. Glosses are also ideal for women with thin and wide lips because glosses have the effect of making your lips look fuller.

4. Concealer

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As not every face is without flaw, a concealer is a must have. As the name itself suggests, it conceals ugly spots that may ruin your appearance. The usual spots covered by concealers are areas under the eyes, nose and chin. It can also be used to hide pimple marks and scars.

5. Eye liner

Eye liner
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The eyes are the most stunning part of the face. Eye liners help your eyes maintain its shape amidst the other makeups covering it. Without an eye liner, your eye color or eye shadow is sure to overwhelm shape of your eyes. Eye liners also help give you that fierce look!

6. Makeup setting spray

Makeup setting spray
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Makeup kits for professionals, children, and boys should have this essential cosmetic! This will enable your makeup to stay as long as possible without smudges and oil deposits. It will also help you avoid the hassle of makeup reapplication from time to time.

7. Brushes/sponges

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His should not be forgotten! Because no matter how pretty and expensive all your makeups are, it will all boil down to application. Find the best applicators and you’re sure to get your money’s worth!

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