How Potty Training A Child with Autism?

Can You Potty Train A Child With Autism

How Potty Training A Child with Autism? – A child with autism has different behavior with the normal children. You should know that your child with autism cannot learn the potty training as fast as the other children. Autism has slow development than the normal children. Thus, as a mother, you have to be patient and train your child with extra efforts. You will not see your child wearing diapers forever, right? Now, how potty training a child with autism? Let see the explanation and tips below in order to help you and your child.

These tips will be concern to you as a mother. There are five ways of training your child with autism. Firstly, you have to keep in your mind that other parents and kids doing are different, ignore them. When other parents feel tired of potty training for several weeks, your child can be spend more than that time. So, it is better if you ignore them and focus on your own child. Second, you have to start the potty training when your child is ready. Your child should be ready physically and also emotionally. If there is only one of them, you could not start the training.

Tips On Potty Training A Child With Autism

The third, you have to communicate with the child’s teacher. So, the teacher will support the potty training for your child too in school. Then the forth tips of potty training a child with autism; you have to consistent with the potty training. When you already decide that your child is ready, and then all of the people on board, you have to be consistent. Wherever you go with your child you have to take him/her to the restroom in the journey.

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The last tips and the most important tips is you have to be patient and use your sense of humor anytime the training will do. Do not think about quick time of doing potty training. It will be more than a week, three weeks even a month. You have to be patient and laugh every the potty training with your child. The training will feel so fun and make your child happy. Believe that someday your beloved child will get that skill. That is maybe hard and tiring; but you are really the great mother of your child. Your child will love you so much in future. That is the entire potty training a child with autism. Support and encourage your own child for his or her own future.