Top 5 Home Exercise Tools For Bodyweight Exercise

Top 5 Home Exercise Tools For Bodyweight Exercise

Are you looking for that extra tool or gadget to make your home bodyweight workout more effective or less complicated?

Maybe you’re having trouble keeping up with your intervals.

Tired of doing dips on an unstable kitchen chair?

Want to include Pull Ups in your routine, but don’t have a pull-up bar at home?

Well fear no more. This week we’re going to look at the top 5 tools and gadgets that will make your bodyweight workouts more effective and less stressful.

5. Gym Boss

Gym Boss
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The interval timer of the stars! Just kidding. It is super useful for keeping track of interval workouts, timed events, boiled eggs, and even Facebook time.

4. Stability Ball

Stability Ball
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Declined Push Ups, Crunches and many other exercises will be more challenging and provide more of a workout for stabilizing muscles (your core) when you use a good, old-fashioned stability ball. Plus your toddler will have a blast pushing it around the kitchen while you try to cook.

3. Flex Cords Resistance Bands

Flex Cords Resistance Bands
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You don’t need to push heavy weights to add resistance to your bodyweight exercises. In fact, the basic motions of most bodyweight exercise is to actually move your body, not a bar of weights. Resistance bands are flexible enough to keep you moving your body but still add that extra kick you want to boost your workout effectiveness.

2. Push Up Handles

Push Up Handles
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When you add the ability to add forearm rotation into a push-up you get more bang for your buck. There aren’t a ton of forearm exercises out there that work the forearm. But with rotating push-up handles, you will get that pleasantly uncomfortable burn every time you do push-ups. It doesn’t matter variation (except diamonds) you are doing, handles that rotate are the greatest invention for push ups since the push up itself.

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1. Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar
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Save your fingertips and stop doing pull up s and chin ups from your naked door frame. You no longer have to go to the park and kick a kid off the swings to use the frame to do your pull ups. Even more importantly, this time of year, you don’t have to treat frostbite in you fingers afterward. This model also doubles as a dip platform, so you won’t hit yourself in the back of the head with a kitchen chair back ever again.

That’s it. The Top 5 Home Exercise Tools and Gadgets that will make your gym-free workout routine better and more effective.

This Friday’s weekend challenge is looking to be a great one. We’ll be looking at workouts from the Army Rangers. They have cool names, and will definitely wear you out. So, stay tuned, or be sure to get your Blogcast Subscription.