Why Are Herbs Medicinally Powerful?

Herbs contain something called phytochemicals, which are medically beneficial. These are the oldest forms of medicine out there. There is an herb for just about anything from relieving the pain of terminal sickness to healing wounds to salving burns. Certain plants can even help with more psychological problems by boosting the right brain chemistry. It is all a matter of knowing which plant serves which purpose.

For example, St. John’s wart is a common plant that is merely put into pill form with no additives. Some have it in teabags to make it a more relaxing dose of medication. It relieves depression and is safe for children to use. It can even work on extreme cases of depression not just minor stuff. Mushrooms and rose hips have been known to do the same things, in addition to fighting colds and raising your immune system.

Ginseng is a widely used herb, especially among Asian cultures. It is a great option instead of using pills to pep you up. Ginseng helps you manage your stress and boosts your energy in a natural way. Ginger is another common one. It is excellent for your circulatory system and digestion. This is why many foods come with sprigs of ginger. It is also used as a decongestant because it is spicy.

Flowering plants can either be poisonous or be good medicines. It is important to know which are which. Peonies and willow trees can have parts used to make great tea. It is good for stress relief and to help with colds-specifically sore throat and coughing problems.

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Why Are Herbs Medicinally Powerful
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Rhubarb is another common and yet medically over looked plant. Most people avoid it because it has a large amount of people who are allergic to it. It also has poisonous leaves. The rhubarb itself, though, can have numerous health benefits if it is prepared correctly. It is good for digestion and relieves constipation. It can be a salve for wounds and get rid of pain from injuries. It raises your immune system on the whole.

Sage is notable for its whole body repair. It boosts cellular activity, so people who are seriously injured often use it start their healing process right. It also fights bad cholesterol, which is much better than taking pills to do the same thing. These pills often cause other problems with internal organs, while sage does not.

Myrrh is an eastern plant that regulates your body’s processes and the functioning of your organs. Most importantly, it connects well to blood and to uterus problems. Women who are suffering from menopause, endometriosis, and other menstrual problems can take this to help fix things. Cinnamon has extra preventative measures for diseases that are borne by insects, since it is a bug repellent. It is good for colds and even can fight diabetes.

Many people think that simple herb remedies are no match for pharmaceuticals that can alter brain chemistry. The problem is that these pharmaceuticals can have very adverse side effects while herbal treatments really do not have any, barring allergic reactions. If you can find a natural way to improve your health, always choose that over the more addictive and potentially complicated medications.

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