How to Plan Healthy Meal Plan for Men?

How to Plan Healthy Meal Plan for Men?

There is a lot of noise about eating healthy and meal plan options for women and girls, but what about guys? How do they manage healthy eating and balancing the daily tasks and food consumption? To stay healthy and to get in prime condition, one should plan on eating fresh fruit and vegetables and do it. This is especially true of men, who need to consume high-protein foods that will help make sure prostate health, as well as protect them from stress and heart disease. Men need to pay little attention to their over all food consumption as small changes also help them losing weight if required. Healthy meal plan for men.

May it be anyone one must look at cleanse diet at least once in three months. It helps in removing toxins from body and keep system clean and healthy. Men need more amount of calories and proteins to keep up with their BMR. May it be any diet plan, its aim should be to improve muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage.

Before starting your diet plan, you need to know about:

  • Your current weight and height (based on this you can decide your health / weight target)
  • Your daily schedule (to plan meals accordingly)
  • Daily time to dedicate exercise. Use small and simple exercise options to make this happen. All can accommodate that!
  • Your likes and dislikes. (List out your likes or dislikes according to food groups – we can find some other option for that food. But consumption of all food groups in essential.)
  • Based on above points set a target for your health goal. It may not be lose weight but – to do exercise for 30 mins daily. (Also take small pre workout and post workout meals).
  • Improve exercise / performance for an event
  • Lose inches from waist or tummy.
  • Stop smoking or use of tobacco.
  • Or any other health goal which you want to do since ages.
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Men should eat three full meals and three healthy snacks per day. Approximately 1,800 calories per day should be consumed. At least 30 minutes per day of exercise, one should lose 1 to 2 lbs. per week. There are simple rules to follow like five meals per day including three serving of whole grains and choosing more fish, poultry and less red meat while opting for low-fat dairy foods. So, let see –

How to Plan Healthy Meal for Men?

How to Plan Healthy Meal for Men
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  • Calculate your calorie requirements.
  • Plan 5 meals in a day. Consider your own time-table.
  • Start day with exercise preferably.
  • Consume healthy breakfast.
  • Go for mid-morning and evening snacks. They boost your energy. Decide you will eat during this time to avoid consumption of junk food.
  • Take dinner 2 hours prior to sleep time. It helps in digestion.
  • Can take bed time milk for better sleep.



PROTEIN (g) 3 Milk servings + 2 pulses servings with 2-3 times non veg lean meats:55

CARBOHYDRATE (g) 6 servings per day: 300

SUGAR (g) not more than 4 spoons: 120

FAT (g) not more than 5 spoons: 95

FIBRE (g): 24

SALT (g) 1 spoon: 6

Essential Superfoods for Man’s Diet

Essential Superfoods for Man’s Diet
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  • Ginger: Health-wise, ginger may help calm inflammation in your body. Eating ginger regularly may help reduce the pain of exercise-related muscle injuries.
  • Milk & Yogurt: The whey in milk and yogurt is another source of leucine, a muscle-building amino acid. It iss also packed with protein, potassium, and friendly bacteria that keep the gut healthy.
  • Bananas: The banana is celebrated for it is bounty of potassium – and with good reason. Potassium is critical for muscle contractions & bone health. It also helps blood pressure. Getting enough potassium may be as important as eating less sodium when it comes to lowering blood pressure
  • High-Fiber Cereal: Fiber keeps you full longer and helps your digestive system run smoothly. This does nott mean you have to give up your favorite cereal – just try mixing in some shredded wheat.
  • Brown Rice: Brown rice and other whole grains can help us at healthy weight and lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Berries: They’re loaded with antioxidants that may help lower the risk of cancer. Animal studies suggest blueberries can also enhance memory & thinking.
  • Almonds: To change diet, it is necessary to add good foods and not denying bad ones. As we get used to eating more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, these foods may come to replace some of the less healthy choices.
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This can help men to plan healthy diet plan and leading a better lifestyle. How you are applying this to fit in your routine? Do let us know for your plans too!