Healthy Breakfast Is The Best Start To Your Kids Day!

Healthy Breakfast Is The Best Start To Your Kids Day!


Parents, from generations, have been telling their kids to have a healthy breakfast. Medical Science has now confirmed it that children who eat healthy breakfast show better progress in education and sports in comparison to those who do not. Healthy children, in other words, have a habit of eating nutritious breakfast food. In this one of my many breakfast articles, I would try to explain why breakfast is important for children health.

Quick Fix

Unlike most other meals that we prepare, making breakfast does not ask for a lot of time, and a high level of expertise. It is a portable meal. Your child can grab a healthy bit on his way to school. Believe it or not, but breakfast is definitely the most FLEXIBLE meal of the day.

Nutritional Aspect

Often, due to our busy schedules, we fail to include high fiber food in our meals. This, however, is not the case with breakfast. Fiber intake, we all know, is essential for combating cholesterol in our bodies. Studies have now revealed that children who consume breakfast have higher fiber intake than those who skip breakfast. More than 30% of whole grain consumption can be ascribed to healthy breakfast!

We miss on many vital micronutrients by eating processed food items. Again, healthy breakfast facilitates higher intake of essential micronutrients, thus helping us meet the recommended nutrient intakes.

The Anti-Cholesterol Meal

As mentioned earlier, nutritious breakfast includes whole grains that are high in fiber and low in fat. This helps in watching cholesterol increase in our body.

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Improve Cognitive Performance

Evidence is there to support the fact that eating breakfast may have a positive effect on the cognitive performance. The academic performance of children has shown considerable progress after including breakfast in the daily routine.

Goodbye Obesity

A nutritious breakfast may pave way to achieving a lower body mass index or BMI. And a lower BMI certainly facilitates weight loss. With child obesity on the rise, a nutritious breakfast might be the answer.

Healthy Breakfast = Healthy Children

The equation is not that difficult to understand, isn’t it? Food makes the body. In other words, we become what we eat. While junk food, rich in trans-fat and calories, can have a disastrous effect on our mental as well as physical health, a nutritious diet plan can save us from various ailments.

How to find out whether your child is not having a proper breakfast?

Irritability, poor academic performance, late-day sugar craving, tiredness, and lack of concentration are some of the signs that you should look for. Children spend long hours at school. They study, play, think and enjoy there. For all this, they need a lot of energy. If the first meal of the day does not provide them with the right nutrients, they might not be able to cope up with studies. Certainly, donuts and hamburgers won’t give your child consistent energy.

You can learn about breakfast by using phrases such as breakfast how, nutritious breakfast learning, child’s nutritious breakfast and child’s breakfast in your online search. What should an ideal breakfast comprise of? What is the best breakfast food?Stay posted to read the detailed answer.

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