Glutathione for a Strong Immune System

Glutathione Immune System

Every part of the immune system works in perfect synergy to protect our bodies against all manners of diseases and illnesses. All types of harmful things such as viruses, toxins and bacteria will be attacking our bodies on a constant basis and the immune system is out first and main line of defense against them. In order for our immune system to do a good job protecting us from sickness, we must protect it and make sure it can function at its optimum and thus giving us constant protection for a multitude of unavoidable hostile entities.

Protecting your Immune System

So how does one keep their immune system functioning at its best? A universal truth that applies to everything is we simply give it the best of what it needs. We fuel it with the food of its choice. The “FOOD” of the immune system is Glutathione. Glutathione is the best food possible for the immune system. By keeping your glutathione levels constantly high will have a direct impact on the health of your immune system.

Strong Immune System = Good Health

For the average individual who looks after themselves, who doesn’t have any predisposition to any particular illness and maintains high levels of glutathione, then this person is likely to maintain a very high level of overall good health. In the event that something does get past your immune system, then it is likely any suffering will be minimal and the recovery time will be very rapid.

The Immune System and Antigens

All things which pose the biggest threat to our health such as cancer, bacteria’s, superbugs and viruses etc. are known as antigens. Our immune system will seek out these antigens in an attempt to neutralize them and so render them harmless to our system. It does this by employing our natural antigen killer cells know as lymphocytes. Natural killer cells are our front line defense against internal and external attacks from harmful antigens. They will identify the antigen, surround it and hold on to it until the B and T-Cells turn up to neutralize it. As you have probably experienced it can take a number of days to overcome such infections. The reason is it takes this long for the response to fully grow to the point where it can fully overcome the infection. Additionally, these cells have a memory of all antigens they eliminate so if that same antigen should attempt to invade our systems again, they will be swiftly dealt with before any damage can be done. A good example of this is why we only catch illnesses like chicken pox only once (although there are some exceptions to this rule in some rare cases). The reason we catch colds numerous times is down to the fact that the cold virus constantly evolves and so it always presents itself as a new type of infection each time.

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These cells protect us against all manner and variety of invading, infectious microorganisms. These natural killer cells are dependant on our glutathione levels. Consequently, low glutathione levels will leave us much more susceptible to disease and illness.


Glutathione is the food of the immune system and maintaining high levels will lead to having an exceptionally strong immune system that will help to keep you healthier than you could otherwise be if your glutathione levels were low. If your glutathione levels are low you leave yourself much more susceptible to becoming sick or letting toxins overcome your system or allowing illness to overwhelm your system. In some cases leading to fatal consequences. Even a healthy person with high glutathione levels can become sick, but in most cases the sickness will be milder and quickly overcome.