Glutathione for Energy

Glutathione Energy

Glutathione is a little known antioxidant which has many vital roles within our body. One of those roles is giving us energy. It is not uncommon for many of us to say “I just haven’t got any energy”. We live in a society where fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy and just feeling constantly exhausted is all too familiar to many of us. So if there was a molecule that helped us with our energy levels, it would be of great interest.

Mitochondria – Our bodies Energy Providers

The mitochondria are organelles and are responsible for supplying energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). In many ways they are like batteries for our cells, giving us the energy we need to accomplish our daily tasks. Mitochondrial disorders are prevalent in today’s society and will inevitably affect people’s energy levels leaving people mildly to severely fatigued. Among other things, oxidative stress can damage our mitochondria. If this occurs it is like draining our body’s batteries, which means we don’t have the power/energy to function and carry out our daily tasks. It is important to look after your mitochondria. Any signs of low energy levels will indicate that your mitochondria might be compromised in some way.

Glutathione for Energy

Healthy mitochondria are clearly an important factor when it comes to maintaining the potential for sufficient energy requirements for our body. Glutathione has the ability to regenerate and repair our mitochondria at a cellular level. Glutathione will also remove the harmful oxyradicals produced as a waste by-product from the mitochondria action whilst performing energy production activities for our body. If these harmful substances are not removed then the ability of the mitochondria to do their job is measurably impaired. Glutathione will allow the mitochondria to remain cool and to function efficiently and will allow us the ability to remain stronger with more energy.

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Glutathione is of great benefit when it comes to raising our energy levels. More importantly, if your glutathione levels are low you leave yourself susceptible to becoming sick or letting toxins overcome your system or allowing illness to overwhelm your body (in some cases leading to fatal consequences). Even a healthy person with high glutathione levels can become sick, but in most cases the sickness will be milder and quickly overcome.