Anti-Aging Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione Anti Aging

Glutathione – Anti Aging & Cell Protection

The peptide compound glutathione is one of the most effective antioxidants. No other substance can render free radicals and environmental toxins harmless like Glutathione can.

Glutathione – A Means to Eternal Youth?

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is produced from the essential amino acids glycine, cystine and glutamic acid. Glutathione has a strong detoxifying effect. It’s an antioxidant without equal which carries out the task of preventing damage to important cellular components from the constant attack of free radicals.

Glutathione as a Highly Potent Antioxidant

A very important function of glutathione is the neutralization of free radicals that represent an immense danger to the human organism. Free radicals are so dangerous because of a missing electron. As a result of this missing electron, the free radical will usually create a highly reactive atom looking to pick up an additional electron and so making all electrons in the atom paired. In order to do this the free radical will seek out another electron so it can pair with its unpaired electron and will pull an electron from a neighboring molecule to achieve this. This results in the neighboring molecule to turn into a free radical itself. The newly created free radical will, likewise, seek out a molecule itself to steal an electron from to pair with its now unpaired electron and so the vicious chain reaction occurs. The only end to this cycle is when a molecule becomes altered from this loss of its electron or is unable to function without it. You then end up with a damaged molecule and consequently the cell in which it resides. Reduced glutathione is capable of transferring electrons to the free radicals and thus rendering them harmless. The growing exposure to environmental toxins, and last but not least, an unhealthy lifestyle, reinforces the need to support active cell protection. It is suspected that a regular supply of glutathione can significantly delay the aging process. Free radicals have been linked with the development of cancer and cell death in vital organs.

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Detoxify With Glutathione & Slow the Aging

It is a commonly accepted theory that it is the damage caused by free radicals, which is responsible for the process of aging. If we can somehow slow down this damage, then it can be assumed we can slow down the aging process. Glutathione is proven to be able to bind toxic and cell-damaging heavy metals and render them harmless. Furthermore, sufficient amounts of glutathione have been shown to have the ability to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation (X-rays and radioactive rays). Additionally, glutathione has also been shown to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy. Particularly noteworthy is the effect of glutathione in the elderly. Studies carried out have demonstrated that the test group of individuals with high levels of glutathione was in considerably better physical shape compared with individuals with low levels of glutathione. In American studies, administration of glutathione in elderly subjects resulted in a significant reduction of age-related ailments such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and metabolic diseases. To date, no adverse effects by a supplemental intake of glutathione are known. It is proven that the influence of toxic substances accelerates aging. Glutathione is a neutralizing counterbalance to such harmful influences.