Dominate The Court When You Train With These Bodyweight Exercises

Court Train Bodyweight Exercises

Welcome back to another week with Bodyweight Exercise Tips. This week we are going to re-visit basketball workouts with bodyweight exercises that will improve your game.

Do you want to make those stunning dunks? You know, the ones that separate the seriously skilled from the neighborhood court kings.

Do you want the on-court stamina to rock as a defensive player? Wouldn’t it feel nice to be able to simply out-play your opponents? To run faster, jump higher, and feel like a brick wall when they run into you?

Let’s get started toward getting you that unstoppable edge on the court and really boost your game to the next level.

Of course, everybody wants to jump and jump high. I’ll get to that, but you have to walk before you can run. Right? So, keep your jersey on and let’s tackle the basics.

Strength and stamina…

The corner stones of any basketball training routine. If you can’t last one quarter, you are a three-quarters loser. If your opponents can physically push you around the court, you won’t be able to defend your goal. You also won’t be able to push past their defense to score.

No amount of vertical leaping ability is worth a wooden nickel if you can’t get close enough to the basket to score.  And you don’t want to be called “three point” all your life. I know I know. There is great skill involved in shooting from afar, but it just doesn’t have the same flair as charging to basket. Jumping up into the air and slamming the ball down through the hoop. But I digress…

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Strength and Stamina building weekly routine

Core Strength Circuit

This workout is intensive but low-impact.

You will need 2 basketballs.

Basketball Push-Ups – 10 Reps | Regular push-ups but with your hands on top of basket balls. Vary according to your abilities.

Plank with your hands on the ball – 30 seconds | Do the standard plank, but with your hands on the basket ball

Mountain Climbers with your hands on the ball – 10 reps each leg (20 count) | Normal mountain climbers but with your hands on the basket ball

Plank with your feet on the ball – 30 seconds | put both feet on the ball and do a normal plank for 30 seconds.

Ab Bicycles – 15 reps each leg (30 count)

Repeat this circuit 3 times with as little rest as your ability allows.

Lower Body Circuit

You will need a basket ball and a bench or box that will hold your weight.

Burpee with a leap – 5 Reps | D0 a regular burp, but at the last count, leap as high as you can.

360 degree lunges – 1 round | Forward each leg, left, back each leg, right.

Prisoner Squat holding the ball – 5 reps | hold the ball behind your head

Step-Ups with ball – 5 reps each leg | Hold the ball in the chest passing position

Repeat this circuit 5 times with as little rest between circuits as your ability allows. Don’t drop reps or circuits if you can’t make it, just slow down and take more rests.

Upper Body Circuit

You will need 2 basketballs

Pull-ups – 10 reps | Do as many as you can, 10 is your goal

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Elevated Push-Ups with feet on the ball – 10 reps | place both feet on one ball

Chin-Ups – 10 Reps | just like a pull-up but with your palms facing you

Pike Push-Ups with feet on the ball – 10 reps | One ball for each foot. Place the balls against a wall or other very stable object to keep them from rolling away.

Repeat this circuit twice. Increase rest time if you need to.  Build up to the reps listed. If you can’t do all 10 of any exercise, move on. You will increase strength until you can do all ten reps.

Split these circuits up into separate days. You will be devastated if you try to do all three in one workout. You can’t win if you can’t even move.

I suggest doing these basketball workouts on three consecutive days and taking a day off to recover.

I know, I promised you that we will work on your jump. You will have to tune in Wednesday for that. Don’t miss it. If you’re wondering how to fit it in to this routine, drop your lower body workout from above and substitute Wednesday’s Jump basketball workout.