How To Take Care Of Hair During Pregnancy

To become a mother is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. The existence of another life in you is a great feeling. All women wish to be a mother and feel imperfect if she is not capable of bear a child. Pregnancy brings a number of alterations in your life, physically and mentally as well. At the time of pregnancy almost all women experience precise hormonal changes that influence her looks. This also involves your hair also. Every female reacts to it in a different way. The change in hair quality and development may not be similar in two pregnancies of the same female.

There are some women who experience a development in the hair texture and growth as well. They notice their hair silky and thick. This is normally due to the raised level of progesterone and estrogens. But in some cases females are not so lucky and they may experience hair fall or their hair become brittle and dry. They lose their gloss and become indolent and hobble. This situation can be annoying.

At the time of pregnancy your hair may is an irregular way. Straight hair may get curls and curly hair can drop their curls. Thus, you need to make some alterations in the hair care schedule. There are other things also which are responsible for the change of the development of the hair and also hair texture at the time of pregnancy. Diet also plays an essential role for your hair growth. Hair are prepared by keratin, it is sort of protein and at the time of pregnancy body requires minerals and proteins enhance manifold, if you do not have nutritious or balanced diet then the deficiency of minerals and proteins will imitate the hair and look dull.

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What you should do?

Hair care:

If the hairs are dry and tending to breakage then avoid utilizing stiff hair bands to knot hair. Wear hair loose or wrap them with a scarf while doing work. Give proper massage with hot oil prior to shampoo it helps you to enhance the blood circulation.

It is also essential to make use of cream and gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair. Do not use harsh and chemical based shampoo as they can affect allergy at the time of pregnancy. You can also make use of homemade products to clean your hair such as shikakai and amla.

Manage wet hair attentively and avoid combing them as they are wet and can cause breakage. You can also give massage with the help of your finger tips as this technique helps you to increase the flow of blood circulation.

It is also vital to get trimming of your hair at regular intervals as trimming helps your to protect from split ends and also strengthens the hair growth. You can also have a new style by wearing the hair short or layers to make then look thick.

Long hair breaks effortlessly if they are fragile. If you have dry hair then do not blow dry your hair and also avoid any type spray as it can aggravate the issue. Always make use of wide toothed brush.


Stress is one of the main reasons of hair problems at the time of pregnancy. So it is very essential to eliminate any type of stress from your life at the time of this stage. You can join relaxations classes or there are various methods also to reduce stress such as meditation go for walks and pamper yourself. You can ask your doctor for some yoga exercises.

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