Benefits of Alkalising the Body

Benefits of Alkalising the Body

Our bodies naturally want to be in a slightly alkaline state. Any areas of our body which are excessively acidic are generally areas where a problem exists or where a problem may arise.

Below is a lengthy yet very detailed and informative video on the importance of maintaining a healthy body acid/alkaline balance. There are some product recommendations during the presentation below which we have not evaluated so we neither recommend nor discourage using any products mentioned throughout.

If your body is in a slightly alkaline state, then you are helping your body to maintain an environment more conducive to remaining disease free. What we eat has a great bearing on the acid/alkaline balance of our bodies.

How do you Alkalise your Body?

If you want to promote a healthy acid/alkaline balance in your body then you will need to consume enough healthy, alkalising foods to achieve this. Alkalising foods does not necessarily mean the food itself is alkaline, but rather the resultant “ash” formed from the food after it has been used by the body is alkaline.

The link below will detail many of the foods to avoid (acid forming) and which foods are alkaline forming foods which will help you to achieve a healthier acid/alkaline balance within your body:

Symptoms of an Acidic Body

The majority of people find themselves subjected to slight fluctuations in their bodies pH levels. When you become slightly more acidic than your body desires an imbalance will result, causing you to exhibit some minor symptoms. You may experience fatigue, a runny nose, changes in the condition of your skin or bowel problems. If your internal environment is acidic then it makes for the perfect breeding ground for unwelcome visitors such as harmful bacteria, infections, fungi and yeasts. Many of the conditions caused by these intruders may be a direct consequence of having a body that is too acidic.

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Final Word

So much more can be written on the benefits of being alkaline. This is just a short summary of some of the main benefits alkalising has on our body. However; one should never focus on any individual diet or program to achieve overall good health. It is actually vitally important that our bodies receive a full spectrum of nutrients and actions to have a chance of functioning properly and to help us remain disease free.